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International trade and investments

At your side to manage the complexity of French and European legislation and regulations in a changing international context


With cutting-edge expertise and a deep understanding of the needs of small & mid cap businesses, we’re here to help you succeed.

In an increasingly globalized and digital economy, contractual relations are becoming more complex and competition is intensifying. It is essential to be able to identify blind spots, overcome obstacles and resolve disputes more quickly in order to survive.

LawEdge combines the skills of a traditional business law firm with the agility of a start-up, from securing relationships and transactions, through delicate negotiations, to defending clients in the event of litigation, even internationally.

LawEdge’s mission is to secure commercial relationships, facilitate delicate negotiations and limit the impact of litigation, both in France and in cross-border disputes.

legal Advice - negociation - mediation - arbitration

Strategic Advice & Legal Representation

We offer a global yet pragmatic approach to the legal and regulatory management.

Get access to strategic advice and legal solutions to support your quest for development, sustainability and innovation.

Resolve your disputes quicker whenever possible by anticipating compliance and regulation environments.

1. Listening to your problem

First, make an appointment for a free exploratory interview: you tell us about your issue and you decide if the approach is right for you. Nous cernons vos besoins et vous présentons notre approche orientée solution.

2. Validation and strategy development

We then validate the scope of intervention, co-design the adequate strategy and arbitrate ondo the economic and technical matters. Then you choose the option that best suits your organization. Vous procédez aux arbitrages stratégiques et économiques.

3. Analysis & modeling

Finally, we start the service according to the agreed strategy, as in project management and according to an agreed schedule.
Why choose Us ?

Take advantage of what law can do to serve your business strategy

LawEdge’s central mission is to proactively anticipate risks, adapt to changing environments, and minimize potential impacts while maximizing resilience. Law, regulations, and the risks inherent in your activities are our expertise.

We firmly believe that integrating legal insight and business acumen into corporate strategy enhances competitiveness and unlocks new market opportunities.

At LawEdge, we transcend traditional legal counsel by deeply understanding your challenges and aspirations. Our strength lies in identifying how the legal landscape can empower your objectives. We provide tailored, pragmatic advice and support to optimize efficiency, addressing crucial aspects of your organization, including business relationships, key assets, and compliance with an expanding regulatory framework.

Conflicts are an unfortunate yet inevitable reality of business and investment. Our team collaborates with clients across diverse sectors, offering dynamic, personalized strategies to swiftly and effectively resolve conflicts, enabling them to refocus on the essential daily activities driving their success.

Lawyer & Business Partner

Sabrina Toscani
Lawyer, Founder

Lawyer by vocation, Entrepreneur by conviction.
Thanks to 20 years of practice and cross-functional expertise, we understand the priorities of business leaders.

Our role is to give them the means to support their decisions and take action, in France and abroad, with solutions based on legal and managerial intelligence, and more.

Our comprehensive approach aims to empower decision-makers with solutions grounded in legal and economic intelligence, enabling them to act confidently on an international scale.

LawEdge blends the artisanal tradition of a boutique firm with the agility of legal design, crafting bespoke solutions where security meets pragmatism.

We collaborate closely with other highly specialized attorneys in their fields of expertise, who share our vision of what makes a high-performing legal team: accessibility, responsiveness, and precision.

Our team is adept at addressing business challenges while integrating agile principles derived from the world of IT.

Our mission is to provide clear, pragmatic solutions to our French and international clients, ensuring their security and enabling them to achieve their objectives.

Intercultural Expertise and Strategic Guidance for Internationally-Oriented Businesses.

LawEdge’s profound knowledge of contract law and civil liability, coupled with a business-oriented approach, seamlessly aligns with its international focus rooted in a multicultural environment. This commitment is realized through the firm’s connection with a network of qualified attorneys capable of practicing in various jurisdictions across Europe, North and South America, the United Arab Emirates, and Eurasia. It translates into relational expertise that enhances communication and fosters successful negotiations.

International Trade and Investment law

Strategic and Practical Advice for

French Companies

International business law

Navigating the Complexity of International Contracts and Cross-Border Disputes

Your premier partner for international contracts dedicated to providing tailored solutions, strategic guidance, and unwavering support to navigate the complexities of cross-border transactions and legal challenges.